Sunday, 6 October 2013

Hello Again :)

Hello again , İ hope you guys having a wonderful Weekend.Countdown already started for a new week. İ'm excited already what about you ? Noo, I'm not starting to talk about 'Monday Sendrom' ; I have other plans :) 
I think it's time to introduce myself ..My name is Serra in İstanbul / Turkiye .My collage education was about advertising and public relation (communication faculty ) ..My Profession is Adversity strategist and formal t.v producer ..I love photography 'trying to catch the light ' that's what i do with my camera ..Or I love to thinking that way :)  İ have admit my half part is a nerd..I love computer games especially Online M.M.P.O.R.G.S .Fantastic novels and movies are my passion.I'm trying to write my own novel also..

I love animals trying to protect them as I can. I have 2 cats and they means life to me .

So here I have finally found myself on blogger.. if you are reading this I do hope you enjoy it, even I make some huge grammatical errors.So forgive me already for my huge grammar mistakes  ..

Here there is a starting gift for you..<3Make your life better until next time ..have a beautiful day XOXO Style & Mojo Serra

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